Open Transport Tycoon?

Last night I did a build of Open Transport Tycoon on my Raspberry Pi.  The build process took about an hour to complete but it actually runs quite well.  Check out the video below.


This game may well have made me drop a grade at University.  If you’ve never played it before, basically just imagine a giant train set but where the trains carry different stuff like passengers, coal, wood, steel and goods.  The objective is to make money by being paid to transport things around.  You start in the year 1950 and as time progresses you get to use more and more futuristic technology to do this.  Fiendishly addictive.

You can download my R-Pi build of the game from here.  However you need to supply some of the original data files from the retail game yourself.  This is basically the game data/ folder with the GRF files.  If you don’t have the original game you can try some free alternative data files from here (I have not tested these myself yet).

Run the game using the ./ file that comes with my binaries, just like Quake 3.

I recommend turning off two detail settings to improve performance.  These are Full Detail and Full Animation and they can be found under the Spanner Icon at the top when in game.  I would also suggest to create a fairly small map, maybe 64×64 or 128×128.  The performance will likely be improved a lot by accelerated X drivers, so when they become available this will probably play like a dream.

Have fun!

10 thoughts on “Open Transport Tycoon?

  1. I think I may have found a bug! When you want to destroy some train track that you put down by mistake it’s costing several hundred million bucks! Let me know if anyone else gets this.

    • Okay, I have done a fix for this. It now costs just a little less to remove track than to build it. Which I know is not the correct OpenTTD behaviour – you’re supposed to get income for it. But at least this way you can play the game properly.

    • Yes you are right, you can optionally use those or the original files from the CD.
      I have mentioned this in the post 🙂

    • Sound does work yes, you just need to “sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835” at the terminal to enable the sound card.
      This was done on the Debian 19th of April image.

  2. What command do you use to execute it? Or from the GUI what do you double click on to open it? When I try to run the from the command line bash: command not found. Is there something obvious I am missing?

    • Type ./

      The “./” tells it the file you want is in the current folder. Just to let you know this is a bit out of date now, and if you’re using Raspbian you will need to rebuild the code yourself. It should work okay on Squeeze though.

  3. Hi,
    Would you by any chance have the latest version of this game available as a compiled version to use on a R-Pi with Raspbian? I want to run it as a dedicated server.

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